Charleston Dental Clinic

Thank you for visiting arguably the number one Charleston dental clinic, the Dental Implant Center. Our practice is widely recognized in the Mount Pleasant City area for achieving exceptional results in the provision of both general and cosmetic dental services.

Our general dental services involve treating conditions and diseases that affect the teeth and gums. The essence of general dental care is also to emphasis on proper dental hygiene and which ultimately prevents tooth decay and periodontal disease.

By today’s standards, no dental clinic in Charleston or anywhere else for that matter can claim to offer dental care services if cosmetic dentistry is not part of the menu. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental care that is aimed at improving the appearance of a patient’s teeth and smile.

  • Porcelain is widely used (and loved) in cosmetic dentistry for purposes of filling cavities especially because its color is similar to that of the teeth. This is a fine alternative to amalgam and gold that were previously used to fill teeth but which often left unsightly dark markings on the teeth. In fact, people with such fillings can have them replaced with porcelain seeing as it makes for a more attractive appearance.
  • Of particular interest in cosmetic surgery, and which can be drawn from the name of our clinic, is the use of implants as alternatives to bridges and partials. Dr. Joseph Gillespie carries an enviable record of success with implants having completed all courses provided by IMTEC as concerns the highly recommended Sendax Mini Dental Implant.
  • Cosmetic dentistry is not just intended for people who require corrective measures on their teeth or gums; other people can also opt for it so as to achieve even more eye-catchy smiles.
  • We have strived to become a dental clinic that is equipped with various advanced dentistry equipment as this helps us to provide our clients with a wide range of treatments. Courtesy of modern tech decayed teeth can now last longer than the durations which previous treatments could guarantee. Modern technologies further ensure that treatments are less painful and that recovery is much faster than was possible via the traditional methods. Thanks to such dental equipment many if not all dental procedures can be performed by Dr. Joseph Gillespie in-house without necessitating visiting any other specialist.
  • At our South Carolina Charleston dental clinic we are guided by a philosophy of providing exceptional dental care and which is realized in the safe, satisfactory and comfortable settings we offer our patients. We thus invite you for a new dental care experience of exceptional quality.