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Mini Dental Implants Compared to Conventional Root Form Implants

Hello My Name Is Joe Gillespie D.D.S. and I have an enthusiastic Passion for helping Patients Oral Health with Dental Implants. For over 12 years I have been the principal General Dentist at the Dental Implant Centre in Charleston, South Carolina. In that time I have placed over 10,000 Dental Implants on over 6000 Patients who have walked through my office doors. The most enjoyable time in my practice is when patients tell me how happy they are after receiving dental implant care with us. Phrases like “that’s the best thing I have done for myself in a long time, You have restored my self confidence, enjoyment of food and My Smile, and If I would have known it was this easy I would have done this years ago’’ are very common patient remarks in our office but Each and Every time I hear stories like these they are very Special and really mean something to both my staff and I.

Dr Joe Mini Man My personal Dental History started with my father, Dr. Eddie Gillespie, who was a dentist for 15 years and started a Dental Implant company with a partner. He has several U.S. patents on dental implant designs and grew his company IMTEC for years until he completed it’s sale to 3M in 2010 and retired. I watched my father fight the tough fight in the late 80’s and early 90’s to legitimize what we now call conventional/ traditional/ or root form implants against the old world dentists who didn’t believe in Titanium implants. They wanted to use long Bridges to fix spaces in the mouth. My father and the now “old-style” dental implant prevailed creating a new standard of care with in dentistry to replace missing teeth.
I trained in the “old style” two-piece conventional implant in my dental school education and beyond but I am part of the new generation of dentists who insisted on smaller, more minimally invasive, more affordable, and more accessible implant designs. Enter the Mini Dental Implant, (An enlarged one is pictured in the photo above in my hands,) where in one day and for a fraction of the previous price of conventional dental implants we could use the Mini Dental Implant to definitively solve even the most challenging dental problems.
I embraced the Mini Dental Implant concept very early in my dental practice. I place BOTH of the most popular systems the Conventional Implant and the Mini Dental Implant. I have outlasted the naysayers who were horrible dental historians. The Dentists were arguably unaware that they were repeating the exact same arguments against mini dental implants, that my father had to overcome a decade earlier employing their beloved conventional implants.
With My long-term view and perspective what I believe is Long Live BOTH styles of Dental Implant Solutions. Our real role as dentists is to educate our Patients about the OPTIONS available to Them and help empower our Patients to an informed decision.