Why Your Teeth Are Important

Dental Implants allow patients to restore teeth lost through wear and time. Implants are simply replacements for the roots of teeth that serve as anchors under the cemented white crowns.

Dental Implants can replace single teeth in as little as one treatment visit. Preventing neighboring teeth from shifting and bite collapse. Implants can also replace multiple teeth restoring a patient’s bite in the back for grinding the food up or replace front teeth for tearing the food.

Your beautiful or handsome smile does more than just share your happiness with others. More importantly, the teeth are the gateway to good nutrition and health. They basically keep your engine running, fueling your body by preparing your food for digestion and absorption. People without the ability to properly chew are forced to make unhealthy, high carbohydrate, and processed food choices that are deficient in vitamins and nutrients. So yes, the look of your teeth are important, but the function of your teeth is paramount!

Your teeth are the gateway to good nutrition.   Missing just one tooth can cause the neighboring teeth to drift into the space and the opposing tooth to drop down.  If left untreated, the bite can collapse in just a few years.  Replacing missing teeth is very important for function, not simply for esthetics in the front.

Teeth in the back are designed to grind up the food and make it into small pieces that are easy to absorb and digest in the GI and the gut.  The front teeth start the process by tearing the food and the tongue directs the food backward to be further crushed and compacted by the larger back Molars, readied with the enzymes in the saliva for swallowing.  The more time the teeth are used to mash up food, the easier it is for the stomach to pick up the nutrients and vitamins from food.

So come in for a for a free consultation on replacing that one missing tooth and preventing bite collapse and other future problems, that may need to be solved with removable Partial Dentures and eventually Complete Dentures.


Complete Dentures are the old answer to fix missing teeth. Dentures do not chew as well as natural teeth, providing only one fourth or 25% of the chewing force of God’s teeth.  As a dental patient, if you knew the problems that come out of not fixing a single missing tooth that dentists know, you would fix the little problem yesterday before it becomes a huge expensive fix out of simple avoidance or neglect.