Single post the Best Denture Experience possible

denture-stabDenture Stabilization is a technique near and dear to the Gillespie Family.  Dr. Joe Gillespie’s father Eddie Gillespie hold several U.S. Patents on Dental Implants and Developed a dental company called IMTEC around the Denture Stabilization concept.  He has since sold IMTEC to 3M ESPE and Retired but acts as a wise and pivotal mentor to his Son Joe.

Joe Gillespie was first exposed to Dental Implants and Denture stabilization at the age of 17. Where in high school he took a summer job making instructional VHS videos to teach other dentists how to place Mini Dental Implants and He was hooked.  A multi award winner in Dental school for Dental Impalnts he twice presented his research Nationally and has Published several articles in national journals on the subject.  in the past dozen years he has placed over 10,000 Dental implants and helped over 6,000 patients solve their dental struggles.  Come and see for yourself and set up a free 30 minute Consultation at 843.388.9690.  You have nothing to lose and every enjoyable bite, confident smile and happy demeanor to Gain for a lifetime.
The Denture Stabilization technique is simple. Lets review the appointment schedule needed to complete care.
APPOINTMENT #1 Always billed as a FREE CONSULTATION where Dr. Joe Gillespie spends 30 minutes going over a free Panorex X-ray image of the available bone in your mouth.  He determines if you are a candidate for the procedure (don’t worry about what you have heard in other dental offices about your bone loss most patients can be treated and enjoy Mini Dental Implants)  When We determine you are a candidate we review the plan the procedure and the Medications and show you with models the proposed plan and over cost and our financing options.
APPOINTMENT #2  return for impressions and cleaning if we are fabricating a new denture over keeping any natural teeth. At this appointment we answer any and all questions, have you sign a patient consent set up medications and finance care or setting  up payments. Get ready for visit #3 the big day.
APPOINTMENT #3 Implant Placement, If necessary we confirm the patient has take all necessary meds, we use topical and then get the area numb. We make a pilot access through the numb gums and bone to allow the access for the implant but don’t worry the pilot drill is the size of a tooth pick. The Mini Implant is inserted into the pilot hole and locks it self in place like a self tapping screw.  Again nothing to worry about as the Implant is the thickness of a coffee stirrer and there is no bleeding with the procedure. All  Implants are placed 4 on the lower 6 on top in the same manner to hold the denture. We place snaps in the denture that retain it to the implants with a rubber gasket and secure the denture the same day.  The Patient experiences very little post operative pain or discomfort and takes home meds for comfort but is typically completely normal in 2 days.
APPOINTMENT #4 A 48 hour follow up where we adjust any rub spots and go over maintenance and cleaning instructions for the Implants and Denture.  Hygiene is very important and want to see you every 6 months to aid in cleaning the dentures and Implants and providing preventative maintenance.
If you are interested call for a FREE CONSULTATION 843.388.9690 and get YOUR Denture Secured you will be glad you did.
“At the Dental Implant Center we believe your smile is priceless!”  Dr. Joe Gillespie