Archive: March, 2015

Dr Joe Gillespie Mini Dental Implant Lectures Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting

Dental Meeting Dr. Joe Gillespie teaching student Dentists about Dental Implants at the 2015 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting.  Dr. Joe Gillespie happily represents his Home in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC lecturing about Mini Dental Implants.  This Meeting was an excellent experience I had the opportunity to give three different lectures on the convention room

28 Mar 2015

Mini Dental Implants Compared to Conventional Root Form Implants

Hello, My Name Is Joe Gillespie D.D.S. and I have an enthusiastic Passion for helping Patients Oral Health with Dental Implants. For over 12 years I have been the principal General Dentist at the Dental Implant Centre in Charleston, South Carolina. In that time I have placed over 10,000 Dental Implants on over 6000 Patients

23 Mar 2015

Welcome To Dr. Joe Gillespie’s Dental Implant BLOG

Greetings from Dr. Joe Gillespie, this Blog is a Patient and Doctor friendly Dentist Directed blog on All things Dental Implants.  From the latest in Developments/ Advancements/ and Care. I look forward to Sharing Growing and Helping you achieve the goals in your Health, Smile and a more Youthful Appearance.

20 Mar 2015
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