A Review of the Greatest Dental Implant Event Ever As the Season Changes

A Review of the Greatest Dental Implant Event Ever As the Season Changes

Greatest Dental Implant Event Review

The Definitive Dental Implant Conference was held in New York this season where the best and Most accomplished Dental Implant General Dentist spends two days of didactic, Surgical, and course work days learning new ways to help their patients.

Over 60 Doctors from as far away as Nepal attended the course.  The honored guests and lectures included Dr. Joe Gillespie, Dr. Todd Shatkin and Dr. Rodney Liebewitz to name just a few.  To date, this is the largest gathering of such advanced like-minded Mini Implant Dentists in the US.  One Count stated that only 5 of the dentist in the Room Dr. Joe Gillespie included in that bunch has placed More Intralock Dental Implants than the Entire country of Australia in the past 12 months, astounding.

Dr. Joe Gillespie Lectured on the Great on Eight full mouth rehabilitation including a U.S. debut of new cases and solutions sure to prove favorable over the all on four technique offered in other offices.  “The Great on Eight, Fixed Detachable Bridge uses twice as many implants, with teeth made of porcelain instead of acrylic (plastic), is permanent, smaller, and more like natural teeth to the patient, and retails for 10,000$ less than the all on four option”, Dr. Joe Gillespie Said to a packed house of very interested dentists.  “the Great on Eight will revolutionize how the general public leaves the old Complete Denture struggles from the past in favor of permanent porcelain teeth that they brush and waterpik and never have to remove.  It is the future of permanent full mouth smile restoration available today!”  the Lecture received rave reviews from contemporaries in the room with Dr. Todd Shatkin and Dr. Rodney Leibowitz relating the successes they have had repeatedly in their clinics with Great on Eight as well.  Several Dentist went directly to the Booth after the lecture and purchased their study Models to bring back with them to their own offices to show Patients this advanced yet simple alternative to dentures.  Check out these websites for more information.  www.greatoneight.com / www.denturestruggles.com or the main web site www.smilemtp.com or Call Dr. Joe Gillespie at his office with questions or to reserve a FREE consultation to see if you are a candidate for this life-changing procedure.  8433889690


Dr. Joe Gillespie from Charleston South Carolina Passes the Dental Implant torch to Dentist Todd Shatkin


Joe Gillespie, Dentist from Mount Pleasant SC crowns the Mini Dental Implant King of Dental Implants, as past president of the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants to current president Dr. Todd Shatkin


Charleston SC Implant Dentist, Dr. Joe Gillespie shares the podium on Mini Dental Implant topic with Dr. Rodney Liebewitz from Manhattan NY

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