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Affordable Dentures Charleston Sc

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Many thanks for visiting the Dental Implant Center, home of arguably the most affordable dentures Charleston SC has to offer.

Affordable and healthy dental care is what you will get at our clinic, despite the harsh economic times that have compelled many people to opt for less than quality dental solutions. Courtesy of our dentist, the renowned Dr. Joseph Gillespie, you can now access affordable dentures that will ensure you gain back your smile and confidence, and get on with eating and speaking as well as you did before having your new dentures.

Are you in the market for quality dentures? Ours are quality-made dentures that will work to ensure your comfort for many years to come. At the Dental Implant Center, we not only offer affordable dentures but indeed our dentures have been custom-made especially for you to remedy the specific dental issues you are experiencing. We have taken several measures to ensure that we are always the source of quality and affordable dentures Charleston SC whether they are the partial or complete type, and for the upper and/or lower jaw. What’s more, our highly reputed dentist offers free consultation geared towards advising and helping you to make an informed decision with regards to the dentures you need.

Improved Dental Technology

The affordable dentures field has improved significantly over the years, especially considering the introduction of mini dental implants that have become the ideal alternative to bridges and partials. We recommend the use of implants because they will work to ensure greater stability for your top and bottom dentures. This innovative approach to dental care allows you to smile, speak and eat with more confidence than ever before. What’s more, the implant is put in place via a minimally invasive procedure meaning that your denture can be installed within an hour, and you will get to take lunch as if you didn’t have an appointment with the dentist earlier in the day. This is unlike the case of traditional implants procedures that often took as long as six months to complete.

Appointments Start off on the road to a renewed life with dentures; just call (843) 874-7985 and Helen will help you to set a convenient time to see the dentist. Besides getting reasonably priced dentures, you will definitely love the atmosphere at our clinic. We have a state-of-the-art multimedia system that churns out great music and even let’s you watch a movie while the dentist goes about the procedure. If you dislike the noises that the dentist’s tools produce, you can avoid that noise off thanks to the fine quality headphones we have available. Welcome Again.

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