Avadent Digital Dentures Dr. Joe Gillespie Charleston SC the 1st in the South!

Avadent Digital Dentures Dr. Joe Gillespie Charleston SC the 1st in the South!

Digital Dentures

Dr. Joe Gillespie Has started the Digital Denture Revolution in the south!

Since Late 2009 and early 2010 Dr Joe Gillespie has worked with Avadent Digital Dentures

Dr. Gillespie has partnered in Development/ Marketing/ and Teaching Avadents!

Dr. Gillespie has trained 1000’s of Student Dentists the technique for Digital Denturesimage001


As A User His First 2 days of making Avadents Dr. Gillespie Set a Company Record

Several Months Later Dr. Gillespie was the Number ONE Archer (Avadent Maker)

He Instructed in Fabrication all over the Country from Big Dental Conferences

The Chicago Midwinter and The Greater Arizona Dental Meeting where his audiences filled entire conference rooms in the hundreds of students.

Dr. Gillespie worked hand and Hand to Develop and Create the FIRST ever Avadent Over Denture over Mini Dental Implants.  He took on the project with the Avadent Designers and solved all of the logistical challenges creating and making the digital denture with Mini Implant Supports a reality!

Dr. Joe Gillespie had the Honor of introducing the Avadent Technique and Bringing the System to our Neighbors to the North the Canadian Dental Market.  Which is no small feat as Canada has a whole additional tier of Dental Providers Called “Denturists”.  We Do not have that speciality in the United States and Dr. Gillespie was made aware that the Denturists were going to potentially been none too happy to see their processes turned into an automated system where dentures were no longer made by Denturists Skilled hands but Fabricated in an acrylic Milling Machine like the Avadent System.

Dr. Gillespie was happy to discover the Denturists in Several of his lectures to amicable about the procedure.  They had essentially already done their research and Knew the Denture Base, Fit and Strength of the Acrylic to be superior in most ways to conventional wax based production methods.  The Denturists felt like they could use their expertise to set the teeth on the Avadent denture base and were  pleased to add this option for the Construction of new stronger Avadent Dentures.

Avadent Digital Dentures Can now Produce Immediate Dentures in only TWO visits!  First the impression day and the second visit 3 weeks later the extraction and completed Avadent Delivery day, Amazing! A full set of teeth via the stronger, better fitting, digital format in only to Visits!

And announcing an UPGRADE to the All on Fours from clear choice where Standard weaker Acrylic teeth are used on four implant supports.  We can use the 6X stronger Avadent System to Upgrade your teeth on the All on Fours to and AVADENT ON FOUR.  Call for information and a Free Consultation.  (843)388.9690

Dr. Joe Gillespie and His direct Surgical Assistant Haylie McClam Have continued to use Avadent Digital Dentures to the great appreciation of thousands of patients and are a quality based not quantity or high volume type of dental provider.  We make every effort to achieve the Best Product and Patient Satisfaction every day by utilizing developments and New Technologies like the First Truly Digital Denture in the World the Global Dental Science Avadent Digital Denture and  The Dental Implant Centre in Mount Pleasant SC.  The Office of Dr. Joe Gillespie and First Home of the Avadent in the Entire South!

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