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Welcome to the home of the highly reputed Charleston cosmetic dentist clinic, The Dental Implant Center, where you will find quality cosmetic solutions to help achieve that bright smile you have long been yearning for. You can thereafter expect to emerge better looking and more confident.

At our Mount Pleasant dental clinic you will be under the care of the renowned dentist Dr. Joseph Gillespie, a well-rounded and seasoned dental expert with resounding success in the field of dental implants. Thanks to advances in dental technology, greater and exciting possibilities that were once mere pipedreams are now a reality – just talk to our dentist and you will be surprised at the range of possibilities available.

Beautiful encounters are marked with great smiles – the Dental Implant Center will formulate solutions which will help you to achieve an unforgettable smile that wholly complements the natural characteristics of your facial features.

Available at the Charleston Cosmetic Dentist clinic are a wide variety of diverse solutions that you may have been looking for some of which include:

  • Gaps in your mouth: Through cosmetic dentistry we can help to fill those teeth gaps in your mouth thus guaranteeing you a more eye-catchy smile. As the name of our clinic suggests we use modern implants (specifically the highly-rated IMTEC Sendax Mini Dental Implant for dentures) as they give both top and bottom dentures more stability thus allowing you to eat, speak and smile with more ease and confidence.
  • Realignment of crooked or overcrowded teeth: Many people hate their smiles due to these conditions. We are one of the most trusted Charleston South Carolina dental clinics for denture adjustment and relines procedures. Our in-house laboratory helps us to expedite this process thus ensuring that you will get comfortable prosthetics as you wait in our office.
  • Teeth whitening: The Dental Implant Center also develops teeth bleaching trays using models made from the impressions of your teeth. Use these for around three weeks as you go to sleep and get ready to own a new bright smile thanks to the pearly whites you will have acquired in place of your once stained teeth.
  • Cosmetic veneers: A whole range of materials can be employed to change the appearance, shape and color of your teeth thus giving you a unique smile that has been customized especially for you. We provide advanced cosmetic veneers that do not involve injections or drills.

What cosmetic dental assistance do you need? Just call Helen on (843) 874-7985 and she will help you to set up a free consultation with the dentist at a convenient time.

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