Welcome to the home of virtually the most affordable Charleston dental services, the Dental Implant Center.

At our clinic we are well aware that the high cost of dental care has been the subject of great strife for many families in Charleston and elsewhere around America. For this reason we have carefully tailored our dental packages to make them affordable but without compromising on quality. You can be certain of this because we invest in the latest dental technology thus guaranteeing affordable procedures that are also less taxing on your body in terms of pain and recuperation time.

We are one of the most trusted Charleston dental clinics in South Carolina for the regular dental services we offer including:

  • tooth extraction,
  • root canal to stop further infection of a damaged tooth
  • sealing fissures and pits to stop further tooth loss
  • periodontal dental care involving professional brushing and flossing to keep the teeth and gums healthy

You are only a call away from quality dental care in the Mount Pleasant area; just call our friendly and caring scheduling coordinator, Helen, on (843) 874-7985 to arrange for a free dental consultation with Dr. Joseph at a convenient time.

We believe that any reputable dental practice cannot be complete without offering cosmetic dental solutions. As such we have gone ahead to provide solutions that can enable everyone to own a great smile whereby we help individuals to achieve a fine set of near-perfect teeth. Our services under this category include:

  • Replacement of missing teeth or filling gaps via dentures, bridges or implants
  • Tooth shaping
  • Tooth whitening to rid the teeth of stains, plaque and tartar for natural looking smiles
  • Porcelain/ceramic veneers
  • Cosmetic gums to correct an uneven gum line or too much gum showing when smiling
  • Correct overcrowded or crooked teeth
  • Partials, crowns and veneers

Courtesy of these cosmetic solutions you can now overcome the self-conscious issues you may have experienced your whole life thanks to unattractive teeth. This is indeed a great step towards achieving fulfillment in life; a smile is really the window to the warm side of your personality and which can allow people to relate better with you. Through cosmetic dentistry our dental clinic will help you to look younger akin to what a facelift can achieve.

Charleston Dental Clinic

We have invested in a top-of-the-range multimedia system to make our dental clinic as comfortable as possible for patients as the dentist is carrying out his work. We have a great music and movie library at your disposal to keep your mind busy elsewhere far away from the noises produced by the dentistry equipment.

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