Professional cleaning tips

The philosophy of this office is to keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. In that respect, we promote seeing your dentist for professional cleanings at a minimum every six months. We promote the use of mechanical toothbrushes, as well as manual toothbrushes if used properly. Daily flossing is a must to clean in between the teeth, and Dr. Gillespie is a proponent for the floss holders, water pik, and other related devices. The most important aspect of your oral care includes a combined effort on the part of our patients maintaining adequate home care, and seeing a professional for regular checkups. REMEMBER: Floss only the ones that you want to keep.

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Missing teeth can significantly impact your life, creating some difficulty in everyday activities like eating, chewing, and speaking. Although modern dental therapeutic procedures have resulted in a substantial reduction in the number of teeth extortion each year, many people still have one or…




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