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I spent more time researching and getting opinions on what type of 400$ Vacuum cleaner to buy than to educate myself on dental options for my wife’s smile!

I recently sat down with a husband and wife in my consult room about her ongoing and never-ending dental problems. I spoke with the wife, sadly as an unhappy dental patient who came to us from another local dental institution, quite simply frustrated that she had been treated for three years and had not gotten anywhere with her dental health. She agreed to have 3 conventional implants placed – one at a time and wait 6 months after each implant placement as the implants healed (and osseointegrated read stabilize in the bone) but she arrived in my office with no crowns (teeth) on those implants.

I spoke to the cute couple about making a plan and fixing all of the patient problems on the upper arch in four months, and the only thing that would slow us down was the healing of the patient’s mouth, where the now failing hopeless teeth that needed to be removed would have to let the gums heal.

The husband was shocked (in a good way) and really kicked himself, saying “you know I went on consumer reports and spent 4 hours comparison shopping for a darn vacuum cleaner. And that doesn’t involve surgery on my wife!” “I spent more time researching and getting opinions on what type of 400$ vacuum cleaner to buy than to educate myself on dental options for my wife’s smile!

You have come in, seen my wife, made a complete plan and that’s what we wanted a PLAN, to fix my wife’s problems in four months that we haven’t gotten anywhere near achieving in three years at our last place.

To be honest, I was really kind of taken back, but he made an excellent point! Especially in Charleston, S.C. a wonderful Medical/Dental community of excellent doctors with a number of amazing skill sets and specialties. So I agree with that husband, do your research, get a second opinion or two and find out about your options to reach a path to oral health. Come by our office for a free consultation, take the 30 minutes to an hour to find out what options we have for your smile. I look forward to meeting you. Dr. Joe Gillespie

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