Denture Replacement with New Teeth: Great on Eight

Denture Replacement with New Teeth: Great on Eight

What Would You Prefer in your mouth

The Replacement to Ill Fitting Dentures

Replacing Missing Teeth With Dentures

You May Be One of the

Lucky Few . . .

People on this Earth

that Actually LIKE their

Complete Dentures!!!

Consider yourself Blessed

and this Blog is NOT for You

I am Just a Dentist Shouting from the top of the Mountains YOU DESERVE BETTER.

Come in find out your Options it will cost you ZERO that’s right a Free Consult on your options for your Mouth and SMILE!!!

Look Really Hard at this Photo above.  It Depicts Two Upgrade Options for the Standard Denture wearer.

If Both of the teeth in the Photo are Upgrades from what you are wearing in your mouth now come and Talk.

A Standard or Floating Upper Denture covers the palate or roof of your mouth in an effort to get suction.

The Palatal Coverage may or may not work and stay in without allowing the denture to fall our but it does steal the Taste and Enjoyment of food.

Let’s face it I don’t need to tell you what you do not like about your denture but I have listened to thousands of frustrated denture wearers like you in my Career and I promise I understand, and More importantly I have the solution to your Denture Struggles (and it costs far less than you think).  Go to my Site and take a look if you have questions about Denture Problems.

If you are someone that prefers to go straight to the solutions! Your Like Me the image on the left is our Denture Stabilization technique.  We use your denture or make you a better looking and better fitting stronger denture and secure it in your mouth anchoring it in place really for a fit and feel like you have never had before, so solid.  We no longer need suction so we can remove the palate in your denture and open up to top for more enjoyment of food and flavor. Look up Or The Best Thing we Do! replace your missing teeth with a porcelain Bridge that the patient never takes out!  That’s right it stays in your mouth.  It is made of ceramic and the same size and shape of your old natural teeth with a few major upgrades.  Come in For your Free Consultation today on GREAT ON EIGHT!  or Look it up at  and you will be glad you did!

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