Dr Joe Gillespie Mini Dental Implant Lectures Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting

Dr Joe Gillespie Mini Dental Implant Lectures Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting

Dental Meeting

Dr. Joe Gillespie teaching student Dentists about Dental Implants at the 2015 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting.  Dr. Joe Gillespie happily represents his Home in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC lecturing about Mini Dental Implants.  This Meeting was an excellent experience I had the opportunity to give three different lectures on the convention room floor over two of the three days of the course.

My Favorite Topic I had the opportunity to instruct on included Immediate Replacement of Missing teeth.  The Case Presentation of this procedure involved a patient’s first visit in the office for a free consult at 11:00am.  By 11:23 Am we had determined he was and candidate and he wanted it done. He had a much needed Hygiene appointment prior to the Implant procedure getting everything all clean.  We decided to time the complete Implant placement and the new tooth and low and behold we completed the case in 17:36 seconds! Blog Lecture #2


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Here is the Before and After pictures on the Same day replacement case.  The Patient was so impressed because he had done his research on other Implant options that were more expensive, more invasive, and take 6 months to heal with no tooth in place.

Take a look at the following pictures of a 1 day procedure using a Mini Dental Implant and a crown for the before and after. The Affordable cost to the Patient BEFORE Insurance is 2,750$ for Implant and Crown! Thats $350 less than other local advertised prices for the exact same procedure of implant and crown for $3100 at the “Other Guys” best price!!!

New tooth 1 day space

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