Get the Best Mini Dental Implants in Charleston SC

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Get the Best Mini Dental Implants in Charleston SC

Dental care processes have improved drastically over the past few years. But still, innumerable people suffer from tooth loss, which can occur from injury, tooth decay or gingivitis. People with missing teeth used dentures and bridges previously. But now dental implants have made a place instead of dentures and bridges.

Dental implants act as replacements for tooth roots. A strong foundation is provided for the removable as well as fixed teeth replacement. The best thing is that with dental implants your teeth look natural. They also function and feel just like your natural teeth. It has also been seen that dental implants are almost 98% successful.

Advantages Of Getting Dental Implants Done

  • Helps in improving oral health – While using a bridge for a broken tooth, the other teeth get reduced. But with dental implants, other teeth are not altered in any manner providing long-term oral health. If individual implants are done, maintaining oral hygiene is easier as there is a scope of accessing area between teeth.
  • Convenient eating – With mini dental implants in Charleston SC, you can enjoy eating your favorite foods without any kinds of problems. With sliding dentures, chewing can become quite problematic at times hampering the convenience of eating.
  • Highly durable – It has been seen that when compared to dentures and bridges, dental implants are highly durable and last for quite a few years in the most hassle-free manner. In fact, many implants have a record of a lasting lifetime if they are taken care of properly.
  • Improves the appearance – With One Day Dental Care, your appearance will improve which got hampered with the broken tooth. Since our mini dental implants in Charleston SC look completely like natural teeth they improve your appearance. They are also designed in such a manner that they fuse completely with the bone and look strong and permanent.
  • Better speech – If dentures do not fit properly, it will lead to slipping of the teeth inside the mouth. And this will lead to mumbling and slurring of your speech. With dental implants, there is no scope of the teeth slipping and hampered speech.
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