Teeth in a Day in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, SC

One Day Teeth? State of the art dentistry now available in Charleston, S.C. How would you like to get a tooth or all your teeth in a day? Yes, really, how is that possible? The replacement of teeth has gone digital! Where in some cases, full arches but very commonly one or several teeth can be replaced in a one-day dental care visit.

Advancements in dental implants technologies including Small diameter implants that are immediately stabilized in the mouth and can support teeth the same day they are inserted. Digital concepts in scanning the mouth with Cone Beam (CT) scanning [think big X-Ray] and computer Cad/Cam milling of Ceramic for porcelain Crowns-Single teeth or Bridges-Multiple teeth or even Acrylic Pucs for an Immediate Full arch is now possible to fabricate and deliver before we even touch the mouth with anything other than a few impressions and measurements. This is truly state of the art!

So what’s the catch? Well, no surprise, the latest advancements in the most modern dentistry is expensive and a few planning visits are needed. During these visits we discuss the care and educate the patient fully about the procedure, schedule our big day, check the patient’s health history, line up any comfort medications, transportation to/from the office, etc. We promise, nothing out of the ordinary; come in for a no-obligation free consultation and find out what is truly possible in the enlightened age of dental care.

The one and only Achilles Heel or weakness in one-day immediate care is existing dental work, broken down natural teeth, retained root tips, etc. Why??? the existing work can present itself in various stages of disrepair: needs to be fixed, repaired, is worn down or fractured, and some times quite frankly needs to be removed and cleared out of the way.

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