Main Office – Mt Pleasant, SC

The Dental Implant Centre is located at 1051 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Suite A. We are in the red, one-story brick building next to the Crickentree Village in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Our state of the art multimedia systems allows for the patient to listen to their favorite music or watch a DVD while work is being done on their teeth. Headphones are even available to drown out some of the unwanted dentist office noises.

2nd Office – San Jose, CA

The Dental Implant Center started a second office in Silicon Valley, California in 2017 led by our VP for Business Development, Dr. Karim Hussein, under the DBA name Mendel AI. The office is committed to building the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies for healthcare. We are currently hiring the brightest minds to work on augmenting every dentist and physician with cognitive computing. Please visit our website at and join us in achieving this mission.
75 E Santa Clara Street, 6th Floor
San Jose, CA 95113

Latest Posts

The Importance of Oral Health in Overall Health Care

Taking care of your teeth is as important as taking care of other body parts. After all, a beautiful smile can sort a lot of your work. Oral health is directly connected with the person’s overall health, including heart health. Avoiding oral health can cause serious health consequences or the worsening of existing…

Why Should You Think About Dental Implants?

Missing teeth can significantly impact your life, creating some difficulty in everyday activities like eating, chewing, and speaking. Although modern dental therapeutic procedures have resulted in a substantial reduction in the number of teeth extortion each year, many people still have one or…


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