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It is our pledge and goal to make your oral health our chief priority. We want to educate and facilitate your understanding of your dental needs. If there are no concerns and we have created or inherited a healthy mouth, we celebrate that fact and will appoint you to maintain the same level of ideal health. If we notice there are dental needs present, from simple plaque build-up, mild gingivitis, or small cavities we want to spot and stop any trouble spots early and inexpensively. If there are more extensive needs present, from Periodontal gum disease, loose fractured or missing teeth, we want to correct and treat these issues and right the ship effectively for your overall dental health.

Haylie M. (on left) is our surgical assistant. She loves welcoming and making patients feel at ease on your big day.

Center is Liz H. a Dental Hygienist whose passion is helping patients return to ideal dental health, schedule and manage those dental cleanings from routine to catch-up.

On the Right is Zhanna, she is our front desk administrator and the person you will likely talk to about scheduling, insurance, to financing your treatment for affordable monthly payments.

Angela M Garves RDH BASDH

Hey Y’all!

Thank you for your interest in Charleston Dental Clinic. I would like to take a moment to tell you a little about myself.

I am the new patient coordinator, part-time and a “seasoned” dental hygienist part-time, as well as a full time jack of all trades here at The Dental Implant Centre. This is, however, not the first time I’ve worked for Dr. Gillespie. I was his chair side dental assistant from 2002 to 2005, while attending Trident Technical College for my Associate in Dental Hygiene. I have since earned my Bachelors in Dental Hygiene and currently perusing a Masters in Dental Hygiene as well. Read more

I was born and raised here in my beloved Holy City, fell in love with my very best friend 30 years ago while we were still in middle school and married him right out of high school. We have two exceptional adult sons that amaze and inspire us consistently. No grand babies yet, only grand doggies, which allows me to practice my skills in spoiling rotten.I have been fortunate to have gained an understanding of the many different aspects within the dental field since the last time we moved away from Charleston. Such is the life when you are married to a 30 year career man in The US Coast Guard. We have been stationed in some outstanding places and cherish the experiences for each of them. However, the latest and probably the greatest as well as the most adventurous were at our last duty station in Kodiak, Alaska.

We spent 3 years living in the purity and absolute beauty of Kodiak. We were constantly humbled by the realization of our position on earth, consistently humiliated by our misunderstanding of where the human species actually ranks on the natural food chain and regularly captivated by the ocean and land wildlife.

We explored the island by foot and four-wheeler and hiked over mountains to find ourselves mesmerized by the jaw dropping scenery over every pass. We caught halibut the size of barn doors and fished for huge spawning salmon off the riverbanks in the midnight sun while regularly encountering 1200 – 1500 pound Kodiak brown bear that had the same fish in his sights. Don’t get me wrong. My heart will always belong to Charleston and I love being in my hometown again but… without a doubt in my mind…I will definitely find my way back to Alaska someday.

Thank you for choosing The Dental Implant Centre. The entire team is looking forward to learning more about you Read less

Zhanna O’Brien

My name is Zhanna and I have been working at The Dental Implant Centre since 2005. I am married and I have two children. I came to the United States from Russia in 2003.  My favorite things are spending time with my family and traveling.  I love fashion, flowers, Moscow, New York, Paris, Disney World and Cirque Du Soleil.  I enjoy working here with my great co-workers and amazing patients.

Haylie McClam

My name is Haylie and I have been a part of the Dental Implant Centre team since 2012. I have lived in South Carolina my entire life and I absolutely love it. I enjoy going to the beach, swimming, shopping, and spending time with my friends and family. My time here at the office has been wonderful. I love my co-workers and friendly patients. This is like my second family.

Elizabeth Hallam RDH

Hello, and welcome to the practice! My name is Elizabeth Hallam and I am the Lead Hygienist here at the Dental Implant Centre. I was born and raised in the Charleston area, have been married to my loving husband since 2006, and have 3 wonderful children. I love being a mom, spending time with my family and friends, learning, and (of course) being a hygienist. I believe in preventative care, education, safety, and treating the patient as a whole. I enjoy coming to work because I like the people who I work with and because I have the best patients in the Mount Pleasant and surrounding areas.

On an academic note, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Science from the College of Charleston in 2007, and after taking a short break to focus on raising my family, I went back to school full-time for my Dental Hygiene Degree and graduated with honors from Trident Technical College at the top of my class. Other than my RDH (Hygiene) license, I have learned and been certified to take dental radiographs, administer infiltration anesthesia, monitor nitrous oxide sedation, perform CPR, and I am continually adding to the list.

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