The Do’s and Don’ts of Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant Surgery

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dental Implant Surgery

Dental hygiene is something that is always taken for granted. 

People do not pay heed to dental problems unless some severe issue knocks on the door. One such concern that makes people go and see a dentist is missing teeth. 

A tooth can go missing due to various reasons including excessive sugar intake, an unhealthy diet, and the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Nevertheless, the crux remains the same. A missing tooth is directly linked to improper dental care and hygiene. It provides bacteria with easy access to the mouth as well as gum tissues. 

Taking care of the oral cavity in the initial stages is crucial. However, today teeth replacement is an ideal solution to missing teeth including affordable dentures and dental implants. Both of these techniques provide a sure-shot relief from missing teeth and bring back the lost confidence. 

Over the years, dental implants have been preferred over dentures because of obvious reasons. Affordable dentures in Charleston SC provides temporary relief from the problem. They are like a temporary tooth that has to be taken out for cleaning from time-to-time. On the flip side, a dental implant makes sure that you are permanently relieved. It surrogates the original tooth roots so that a denture can stay in place. 

Dental implants are often dreaded over because of the surgical procedure that is involved. Nonetheless, it is an easy tooth replacement procedure. All you have to make sure is to give your oral cavity a little time post-recovery to heal from the wounds. If you are skeptical about considering the procedure, here’s all you have to know about it – we have drafted a list of dos and don’ts that will make choosing dentures an easy affair for you. Here you go – 

Do’s: Nothing Ever Compares to a Good Diet

If you are thinking of considering dental implants, there is no substitute for a healthy diet. 

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals can protect you from unnecessary muddle. Make sure to have a good diet prior to and after surgery up to your healing period. Steer clear of sugary foods and drinks because these can put your post-recovery period in danger. Ensure that you consume soft foods after surgery. You don’t have to go all bland on food items but you can search for nutritious and flavourful items to eat after surgery. Keep your taste buds under control because gums take a while to heal completely.

Don’t: Think of Going Back to Old Habits

Tooth loss mainly occurs due to improper maintenance of oral health. 

Regular brushing and flossing of teeth can help you in balancing good oral hygiene and ensure safety from bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities. 

Dental implants Charleston SC is surely a wise solution to the problem, however, only proper care can help you in the long run. You will need to take care of your oral cavity by giving proper attention to everything you do and eat. You can definitely cut some slack and give yourself a treat once in a month post-recovery but giving up good habits and going back to old vices will cause you more troubles. Your health lies in your hands. Ensure that you stick to good habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Do’s: Give Yourself Some Time

You cannot expect an instant recovery from surgery. 

Of course, you will be relieved from the problem, but recovery is completely another story. 

Most people end up frustrated due to long recovery time frame. They want their health back to steady within a day or two. However, this isn’t feasible. Do not feed your mind with any kind of fallacy and channelize it in rendering it positive. Your teeth will take some time to heal. No amount of frustration can save you from the healthy recovery but a positive outlook can definitely help. Give yourself some time and don’t be too harsh on yourself as well as the dentist.

Don’t: Interact with Your Dentist about Recovery Time

Of course, you might have researched the procedure by ferreting out every possible help book or surfing the internet. You are well educated regarding the intricacies and difficulties you are going to endure on your way to recovery. 

However, consulting with your dentist about healing and recovery is always recommended. There’s no harm in learning new things and letting yourself know about the subject but you can never match the experience of a dentist. Do not forgo any slight discomfort and communicate with your dentist. Get yourself examined at regular intervals after implant and ensure a sound post-recovery period. 

Do’s: Quit Smoking and Chewing Tobacco Without Further Ado

The biggest reason behind dental caries and tooth degradation is smoking and chewing tobacco. You need to kiss goodbye to your addictions to maintain good oral hygiene. Smoking and tobacco ruin the strength of the tooth and deter the tooth enamel. It can further precipitate to oral cancer. 

The entire surgery might go into vain simply by sticking to one habit. Make sure that you stay away from cigarettes and tobacco permanently post-surgery. 

Don’t: Rush Everything

Yes, you are in excruciating pain and dental pain is something worth caring about. However, rushing everything might end you in bigger troubles. 

If you notice any persisting pain in your tooth or experienced a missing tooth, consult a dentist immediately. Oral pain is a telltale symptom of severe injury and the immediate attention of a professional dental care specialist. Nonetheless, do not give away to the anxiety and have patience. Your dentist will conduct the required tests and present you with the best treatment plans. Don’t rush the surgery as well as the post-surgery phase. Let it take time to heal and settle on its own. 

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