The End Of Dentures = Great on 8 has Arrived

The End Of Dentures = Great on 8 has Arrived

If Most Dentists Don’t like Dentures than why are they recommending them to You!

The END of DenturesSimply The End of Dentures . . . From the bottom of my heart on behalf go all of Dentistry, we dentists are Sorry.  I, Joe Gillespie D.D.S. apologize for the injustice Dentistry has done to the modern dental patient.  For the patient who has struggled with soft tooth genes or gum disease with mobile sensitive teeth and has to hear those words from the Dentist. . . “We are going to have to remove them all and give you affordable dentures Charleston SC.” They are Not CORRECT!  The next step after losing your permanent teeth is not dentures! You are seeing the WRONG Dentist.  If that Dental Professional truly believes that a complete denture that floats on your Gums and needs glues to stay in, I would beg to differ.

I won’t make excuses, but be very honest, Most Dentist Do Not Like Dentures Either!  We know you can not chew properly, Dentures create painful rub spots, and can fall out causing real embarrassment for the wearer!

Let me put it this way, a Dear Dentist friend of Mine has a prayer that he says in the morning meeting with his staff.  “Today We Will do Our Best to help our patients and treat each and everyone the way we want to be treated.”  I have adopted his practice and in my office, I won’t recommend just Dentures.  I wouldn’t do dentures on my family, mother or father.  I consider all of our patients our Dental Family so please set up a Free Consultation in my office to learn about at least Stabilizing your denture.  Go to or the replacement of your teeth with our Great on Eight Technique.  Go to and learn more or call 843.388.9690 for your free consultation.  See you Soon  Dr. Joe Gillespie

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